Well you guessed it! I have click baited you into opening my article.

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Given that Data Science is the new fashion statement of the job industry, it wasn’t hard to bait you into reading this article. But please hear me out, for I have a topic that is far more important if you really want to succeed in being able to don this fancy title. A basic understanding of mathematical concepts such as statistics, probability or multi variate calculus will assist aspiring data scientists’ in choosing how best to build a model that fits their data.

I know you will…

Data is the new gold, as highlighted by an article in Deloitte. Multiple studies and articles have shown that the process taken to build and deploy a DS model can vary based on the business problem and the organizations’ stakeholders. In my experience, I follow a simple ’n’ level phase system which depends heavily on the business problem and the stakeholders. It means that iteration of any phase is possible given challenges arising from stakeholders, data and validation.

In the below list, I will highlight a macro view of the phases I follow for any DS project.

Analyzing Analysis

  • Communicate with key…

Big Data has revolutionised the way we interact with machines. The ability of a machine to construct an image of the user based on information provided by the user is called user profiling. This presumption is not limited in application to a user alone. Profiling is information that can also be used by an intelligent machine to make calculated decisions. In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of change. From automating operations to providing personalised information for better decision making, AI is playing an important role in the quest for technological innovations. The concept of AI is…

Obaidul Hoque Chowdhury

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